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From: Niel H.
"I've spent a lot of time trying out so-called mature porn sites, but I think I've now found the best. Your ladies are brilliant - sexy, attractive, and obviously very happy with sharing their charms with us. Who needs "barely 18" girls, when you can see the benefits of maturity! Keep up the good work!"

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"I have to congratulate you on All Over 30. It's a high quality site and rare among www offerings. The women are wonderful and the quality of the photography superb."

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"I really like a lot of what you are doing. For years, I thought there could be a mature site that could be explicit, but without losing elegance, and the size and clarity of the images are really nice."

From: Mike
"Your site only contains material of taste - carry on like that Thnx & kind regards"

From: Dave
"Great site. Glad I joined."

From: David
"Congrats on a fantastic site and quality of content, especially the videos. The videos are why I joined and I am very impressed. Regards."

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"Webmaster did a great job on the site. Easy to use and great content."

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"Hi guys, with your website you are really doing something right!!! I like the resolution, I like the close-ups...."

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"Gentlemen and Ladies, "I would like to thank you for having the best content of ANY adult website I have ever visited. Your models are very beautiful, real, and sexy. Your photography is fantastic." "Just wanted to say keep up the good work."

From: Brian
"I really like the photographer that interviewed Rose. I thought that she was spot on with having a conversation and getting the model to relax and undress casually as well. Thank you very much for a delightful site, and I appreciate you time and attention. Best regards"

From: Jason
"I joined the website just today. I must say that I'm very satisfied with the models and the format. All of the models are beautiful and classy. The focus on each model through the biographies and index lends a sense or reality and depth that I appreciate. I've been looking for something like this for years! Thanks"

From: Ian
"I absolutely love your site, not only for the mature ladies, but also for the high resolution photos. What really turns me on is Office / work shots with girls in skirts and dresses, pantyhose and stilettos, and with close up high res shots of the nylon, the shoes and particularly the nyloned toes exposed between the shoe straps. I also love the high res shots of the mature ladies face with make up and wrinkles and all of the rest that goes with mature beauty and seniority. My sincere thanks goes to you all"

From: Mark
"Holy crap! You MUST post more photos of Joanne. She is smoking hot! Please... photos, videos, any and all you can get. Thanks and I'm glad I stumbled onto your site. The set-up is super easy to navigate and the nice, large photos are top notch. KEEP IT UP."

From: Mike
"Great Mature Site!...Maybe the Best! Being a leg and foot guy I like to see barefoot girls (or at least open toe shoes and sandals). So keep those barefoot spreads coming. The Fetish section does have an excellent selection of these also! But it's great to see that in other categories as well. The picture quality is also great compared to other mature sites. Thanks and keep up the good work."

From: Neil
"Excellent update today of Marie-Kelly! This is the kind of photos I look for, and wrote to you about. Sure hope you have more planned!!! At the age of 54 myself, and often mistaken for a lot younger, I find Marie-Kelly to be something very special. Yes, she's 3 times the age of an 18 year old, but she has matured to absolute perfection. Her beauty appears totally natural. What lines she has tell me she's a happy, smiling, laughing person. I would love to wake up next to her. Keep up the good work."

From: Roy
"Just had a chance to glimpse Justine's photos sets. She is a superb looking creature and I hope others share my enthusiasm for her. This is one fine-looking woman. Thank her and thank you for sharing her with us."

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"Absolutely think your site is great, especially Samantha. You definitely have the best site on the net. Top Marks all round. Regards"

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From: Greg
"You've done a good job with the women you place on your site (you haven't settled for just anyone) and I think that's important. I hope as a result you're successful. But "Kari" is simply stunning in every detail. Great job!"

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From: Colon
"Superb site with superb "older" ladies in action. Keep up the good work."

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